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Terabytes of Storage- Volume

The massive storage is "outside the computer" from now on.Only external hard drives can provide enough volume and long term data storage on- site.Past tape drive back ups are out and large easy to move external drives are in.

They range from 500 mb to 4 Tb yet are very easy to move , plus easy to connect with simple usb cords.With prices from $60.00 to $350.00 well worth the money.The larger rack systems are not worth  the time and money.

Redundant smaller external hard drives are cheaper and better ion every respect,from cost to speed to ease in use.

Five units of-  2 TB back up hard drives cost  $700.00 a rack system in the 10 TB range could run $4,000.00 easy.

Some as much as $8,000.00.

Plus some of the new 4 TB external hard drives are around $300.00 yet are  a little hard to move around.

2 TB are less then $120.00.Smaller is better and better for most business apps.



Just a few to look at