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350 Million new smartphones & 220 million tablets

Of course everyone knows about the IPad, well guess again with the Android market

plus Windows platform there is many new ways to get into tablet computing.

Smart phone are the same,Apple now Samsung and Windows all have many different


of phones all more powerful the most computers from five years ago.

All are WI FI and many have the same problems that normal laptops - desktops have.

Including viruses and other problems that happen with any computer.

in 2 years some very smart and cutting edge industry leaders have come out with

tablets and phones to eat away at Apples share of this new and growing markets.

Some are even better then the Apple counter parts.

The Droid & Windows phones are very powerful,with more of what the public wants.

There are so many it's been hard to keep up with for many critics to test.

I as a Apple dealer have been shocked how fast the market has grown in just the

three year since Blackberry and Apple Ipad were kings.

It is now a true dog eat dog world.


ARCHOS 3rd generation of Android™ powered

tablets, keeping that great balance between power and affordability.

Thanks to their three years of Internet Tablet experience, ARCHOS G9

Tablets are ARCHOS’ most powerful tablets yet. Powered by Android™

3.2 ‘Honeycomb’, the platform tailor made for tablets, ARCHOS G9

Tablets are designed to maximize your media and Android experience

whether at home or on the move.

Ultra fast thanks to the Texas Instruments Inc. OMAP™ 4 smart multi-

core processor available in versions from 1GHz up to 1.5GHz


Flash and Hard drive models with up to 250GB* of storageAndroid Honeycomb powered

with Google's suite of Android Applications.  

ARCHOS developed multimedia applications with greater form support and improved