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Don't Be Ripped off-Buying Blueray-DVD's.


If you feel you need to own a physical copy of your favorite

movie don't you dare buy it in a store!

Spending between $19.95 and easily $24.95 for one copy of a

movie from a local retailer is ridiculous and totally outrageous!

For an average collection, between 100-1000 movies, well

you can add that up in your mind.

FYI: The average DVD cost is about 50 cents, that includes

marketing and packaging.

How to make your own legally, for a fraction of retail!

Buy a DVD HD Recorder cost $160.00 Toshiba DR570 1080p

with HDMI.

There are others , you just need HBO-Starz-Showtime you

can watch and record any moves HD as long as you have HD

package with Direct TV or of course Dish Network.

The amount you save for just 15 movies you record pays for

both the recorder and your premium service for a year!

After that all the movies are almost free less then $1.25 per


See that is how to beat the system if you insist on staying

with the old tech stuff.

Otherwise move on into the future and record them directly to

your hard drive.

External is the best type for this application

Save your money buy SD cards and hard drives to store movies WalMart  will make a free copy of your movies off DVD or Bluray for only $2.00 each.


Even better many on line  set ups let you watch your TV on line legally using Hulu or Dishes Sling or Direct TV over the internet all work well.

Same with Telephone

Keep your broadband connection dump the telephone, then get Magic jack or others like it from Walmart. 

These are easy ways to not only save a ton of money but stay current with new formats as they come out.

HD quality but remember APPLE for one Lies about it's viewing remember HD is the universal standard and no video can be broadcast can  be above that FCC standard at this time.The next format change will not even start to take effect at all until2,020 and most like Dish & Direct TV will take another 3 years to get all the channels up to the new standards


New tech will allow your computer or Tablet to hook up to any new TV via HDMI cord so you can watch anything off the device on your TV.

Better then wireless  do not do that, bad rip off 95% of wireless systems are weak plus are not good quality pictures, use the cables HDMI  to your tv to watch HD quality movies or anything off your portable devices.