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How does encryption work for my business services

There are several widely used systems for basic encryption, yet there is much more to it then just using a basic program to protect files and folders from prying eyes and malicious hackers.

Most hackers are quite aware of myriad techniques that are very effective when it comes to getting into or through what most would consider hardened robust security systems.

You need a complete, sophisticated strategy with real redundancy with hardened tested systems that doesn't rely on the providers.

You own independent security, no matter how good the providers says their system maybe.

That is where Wave IT can help.

Providing you your own secure business firewall, you only have to look around  or read about the problems that continue popping up I the news about lost laptops or hacked card services, if they had the best of the best why does this continue to be such an issue for business.

Effecting the reputations of many fortune 500 corporations across the world.

You need cutting edge technology right up with the best hackers not after the fact repair what is already out there.

We can provide that, because we have the hands on experience in the industry that very few have.

We are in the 2% club, IT's  on the cutting edge.

That is what it take now in the new world of security.

Writing the programs are the IT people in the top 10%.

Beta testing trouble shooting those programs are in the 5%.

The 2% are rare, they don't do it for the money-fame-status.