Internet & Computing information

We have everything cutting edge at our finger tips for any project you can dream up with over 30years in the business, let us assist while getting you the lowest prices  for the newest products.

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WI FI High Power Beaming: amps for basic business applications.We have systems only the biggest have right now.


Antennas 30 times more powerful: directional plus repeaters

Forget about a few hundred feet, I 'm talking miles.


Cloud Technology: world storage of data-plus much much more

Open up the new world of Data storage from the best businesses we are connected to only the most advanced.


Blueray DVD's a waste of money: dinosaur technology being pushed on the public


Websites: free hosting for business and personal, yes let us set you up and we will host free. Only charging for changes nothing else.


Video streaming: real time world wide, the new age of Big Brother. We have been doing it world wide for 17 years so we understand it from the ground up.

People talk big we can show what we have done.

Terabyte-Volume Storage: external hard drives don't waste time transferring or having some one save your work or information.


If your interested in High Power internet systems we have them

We can help you stay ahead-way ahead of what is out there at

Tiger Direct and CDW-Allied-Luxul-Radio Labs-many more good products from good businesses that are leaders in industry technology.

We install at prices way below the industry basic charges.


All our products have good tech support 24 hour ,with on site trouble shooting.


Industry tested products.

 WiFi and Broadband applications.

This will change Rural Wireless

internet using UHF & VHF open frequency's


Starting Jan.1st 2013  we have been allow to

move into the new frequency's as of Jan.2013

So we will have many many pages of new

information dealing with our new services.